AdPlexity Push: a User’s Guide (15% OFF with Exclusive Discount)


If you’re involved in affiliate marketing, you’ve probably heard of AdPlexity.

Their tools have gained a reputation for providing crucial information on just about every affiliate niche and giving media buyers and networks the data they need to succeed.

However, you might not be completely familiar with exactly what’s on offer, and how AdPlexity works. The following is a quick explanation of what AdPlexity Push provides you with, and how to use it to increase your profits.

What is AdPlexity Push?

AdPlexity Push is one of the most popular of all AdPlexity tools. It is designed to provide affiliate marketers with a huge range of accurate, up-to-date information from the most popular mobile traffic sources.

AdPlexity Push can bring you data from over 80 countries, meaning that in a few clicks, you can get the latest information on hundreds of thousands of the best push advertising campaigns.


Why Should I Invest in a Spy Tool?

Affiliate marketing is a competitive industry and one that is changing all the time. As a result, it’s essential that you’re on a trend. Offers are constantly changing, new verticals and niches appearing, and fresh trends in promo-materials design and content. Plus, your competitors are constantly working on building new funnels to get more leads. Keeping track of all these changes is impossible without the right tools.

Intelligence tools let you get a head start by learning from what works for your competitors. It’s great if you can come up with successful banners, landers, flows, and campaigns from scratch. However, by keeping track of what gets results today, you can get inspiration for your own ideas and build your campaigns on reliable foundations.

Manual research takes up a lot of time and effort and isn’t very reliable. Realistically, there’s no way you can get the information you need on the entire market, or even a single GEO. You’d need to check all the publishers your ad network works with, visit the sites with a VPN or proxy, click and save banners, landers, and URLs… and you’ll probably only see save pages since every network and tool can detect proxy traffic.

AdPlexity makes all that thing of the past: you can get all the data you need, from wherever you need, in just a few clicks.

Who Is AdPlexity Designed For?

AdPlexity has many uses and is designed to be used by just about anyone involved in performance marketing. The solutions it offers are valuable to you, no matter what your niche or level of experience. Affiliates, media buying teams, advertisers, and affiliate and ad networks all rely on AdPlexity for success. Depending on your client’s needs, AdPlexity can be used for a range of different tasks, including:

  • Researching new GEOs, ad formats and sources
  • Ripping banners and landers
  • Researching how other affiliates promote specific offers
  • Spying on competitors

Why Should I Choose AdPlexity?

AdPlexity out-performs any competing intelligence tool on the market. It’s the golden standard of the industry, used daily by thousands of affiliates and companies, including some of the top players.

AdPlexity includes three types of products:

  • Ad Intelligence tools for monitoring affiliate campaigns on Native, Mobile, Push, Desktop and Adult traffic.
  • A winning product research tool for the eCommerce niche.
  • A 3G proxy service, AdPlexity Carriers, that lets you browse the internet as a real user of specific mobile operators in over 80 countries.

But What Makes AdPlexity so Special?

  • Accurate real-time data – all information needs to be completely up-to-date, as it quickly gets outdated.
  • Quality data – AdPlexity ensures that you get the highest possible data quality, by using the most innovative scrawling and aggregation system available. As a result, you can see every single affiliate campaign running on a traffic source, including the hidden ones.
  • The biggest database on the market – nearly every niche and country is covered, including the most popular traffic sources and ad formats. Every AdPlexity tool makes use of a bigger database than any direct competitor. Tens of millions of campaigns are available more than any competitor can offer.
  • Intuitive user-interface – AdPlexity’s user-interface is actually very simple, so no special skills are needed to use it.
The default price for AdPlexity Push is $149 per month. To get it for ONLY $129, use discount code “APP2019”. Considering the huge amount of valuable data available, this deal is definitely worth the price.

How Much Data Is Available on AdPlexity Push, and Where Is It Taken From?

  • AdPlexity Push covers the most popular push traffic sources—MGID, MegaPush, AdsTerra, PropellerAds, ExoClick, AdMaven, DatsPush, RichPush, and more;
  • More than 70 thousand monthly push campaigns are available from over 80 countries (including all the most important ones).
  • AdPlexity provides you with trend details for every campaign – the most important measure of their success.
  • You can take your pick of crucial data by using detailed filters, such as dates and days running, device type, country, tracking tools, and over many affiliate networks.
  • All ad creatives and landers can be downloaded.
  • Search for campaigns by URL, keywords, publisher website, and even image.


So How Does It Work?

The first thing you should know is that AdPlexity can supply you with a lot of different data for different tasks. There’s no set way of using it – to make the most of its potential, you’ll need to adapt it to your specific niche.

AdPlexity isn’t designed to just provide you with ready-to-use successful campaigns that you can copy and immediately profit from. Instead, it gives you a huge range of data, letting you carry out detailed analyses to uncover successful trends and tips for your business.

It’s the ideal way of finding out what’s working in the market right now. Once you get more experienced in using AdPlexity, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately pinpoint the most successful cases in your industry. By finding out what works for them, you can adapt their strategies to your own campaigns.

User Interface

As we’ve already mentioned, the user interface is designed to be as easy as possible to use. It doesn’t function like tracking software or ad networks, which provide many different targeting settings and distribution rules.

AdPlexity Native, Mobile, Push, Desktop and Adult all use similar interfaces. The difference is in the sources they monitor for data, and the available search options and filters. Each tool is designed with a specific traffic type in mind.

Here are a few features of the interface:

  • The dashboard displays the list of available campaigns, as well as a few searches and sorting options in the top menu, and filters on the left.
  • All campaigns can be sorted by newest, longest running, and most traffic received – the options that you will probably find most useful.
  • Filters let you narrow down your search and find exactly what you’re looking for. They let you search by date/period, number of days a campaign has been running, device type, countrytraffic source, affiliate network and tracking tool. You can click on ‘Choose more’ to select couple values.


Search Options

  • The most popular search options are by keyword and advertiser.
  • For keyword searches, choose words related to your offer or vertical that are commonly used by affiliates in ad or landing page content. For example, with sweepstake offers it’ll probably be ‘Win iPhone/Samsung’ etc. For gambling, the popular keywords are ‘Casino’, ‘Betting’ etc.; for crypto, ‘Crypto’, ‘Bitcoins’ etc. There’s no end of popular keywords out there (‘Diet’, ‘Skincare’, ‘Local singles’) – but we don’t need to go into it in detail. Just use your imagination.


  • Search by advertiser’ lets you search for campaigns by URL. You could use a number of different kinds of URLs – for instance, your own campaign, your competitor’s pre-lander URL, or affiliate network redirect domains. A common situation is when you ask your affiliate manager to send you the list of TOP-converting offers, then use AdPlexity to find out the best way to promote them.


  • AdPlexity recommends you remove all tracking tokens from the URL. Try to leave only the domain name – this way you can get a lot more data. Exceptions would be when you spy on campaigns from a specific affiliate and can identify them by ID or token values.
  • If you search for an offer URL in the “landing page URLs”, you’ll only get direct linked campaigns. It means that campaign doesn’t have a pre-lander, and traffic goes directly to the advertiser’s landing page. Otherwise, the offer would be in “LP outgoing URLs”. For more results, select ‘Search in all the above’.


Let’s Dive Into the Campaigns

The first thing you see on the dashboard is basic campaign information, such as number of hits, days running, networks, devices, countries and publishers. ‘Number of hits’ shows the number of times AdPlexity found the ad within a set period. More hits means more traffic, and more success. ‘Global stats’ shows information on the whole life of the ad, including countries and sources. The stats above show data according to your chosen filters.

Click on ‘Campaign’ to pull up a new tab with campaign details.

You’ll get a screenshot, targeting by countries, connection type, and a list of landing page URLs that traffic is directed to.

You’ll also be able to check ‘Ad trend’ information. This is one of the most important pieces of data. The ad trend chart shows you what the trend of the campaign is – whether it’s growing, stagnant, or has dropped. Ad trend values aren’t based on absolute numbers, but represent how much traffic a campaign has received in any given time period, when compared to other periods.


Then there’s weekly trend and device types.

Other important information includes Top 10 publishers, Top 10 placements, and traffic sources. Knowing the top publishers is a real gem. You can whitelist the best ones and save time and money since you don’t need to run campaigns on RON.

Let’s go back and click on ‘Show more’ in the landing pages section.

AdPlexity Native Spy Tool
This pop-up tells us about the whole redirect chain, from the first click right up to the advertiser’s landing page URL. It lets you analyze every step of a campaign, covering every single redirect and URL. You can use the domain or URL path to get further insights by using the ‘Search by advertiser’ function. You can also find more ads by the same advertiser.

You can download all pre-landers. Just click ‘Download this landing page’ and it will be downloaded to a .zip with all page dependencies (images, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) – no more need for ripping!

How Do I Identify Successful Campaigns?

Once again, it all depends on your needs, niche, vertical and experience. But generally, the process is as follows:

  • Put a time period (between 3 and 21 days) into the filter. This lets you remove from the results any ads that were paused in the first two days after launch, and any ads that ran too long and burned out.
    AdPlexity Native Spy Tool
  • Check the number of hits. It should be at least 50-100, depending on how long the campaign ran.
  • Check the campaign details, and particularly the Ad trend value. If the campaign got a good amount of traffic, it’s probably worth analyzing more closely – you might be able to find some valuable strategies and insights.

Don’t Just Imitate, Innovate

Even if someone else’s campaign looks like a guaranteed winner, you should still think twice before attempting to copy it directly.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you certain the campaign is profitable? How do you know the owner of the campaign is a TOP industry affiliate, and not some newbie?
  • So you’re certain the campaign is profitable. But can you be sure it will be profitable for you? You don’t know what the bids on the traffic source were, or the affiliate payouts. These small factors could make a big difference in your ROI.
  • Even if you’re certain you’ve found a reliable campaign to model yours on, you’ll still need to test everything out. You should also work on improving the campaign and test out different offers.
  • The same goes for banners and pre-landers. You could simply download a pre-lander and run it in your own campaign without any changes. But there are risks involved. The content could be poor quality, the text and pictures may not match with location, comments may not correspond with current dates, picture size could be too weighty, or the code could be full of malware and unwanted scripts.

So always try to improve on the campaigns you find, and double-check everything possible!

And that’s our complete summary of AdPlexity Push. It’s got a huge amount of potential, and can offer valuable insights into any niche. It offers more data than any comparable intelligence tool on the market, and thanks to a user-friendly interface and detailed filters, it’s easy to track down the most crucial data for your business.

AdPlexity Push retails at a default price of $149/mo. But thanks to an exclusive discount, you can pick it up with 15% off. Just use “APP2019” promo-code to get AdPlexity Push for $129/mo.

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