AuthorAlex Omelianovych

AdPlexity Native: a User’s Guide (30% OFF with Exclusive Discount)

If you’re involved in affiliate marketing, you’ve probably heard of AdPlexity. Their tools have gained a reputation for providing crucial information on just about every affiliate niche, and giving media buyers and networks the data they need to succeed. However, you might not be completely familiar with exactly what’s on offer, and how AdPlexity works. The following is a quick explanation of...

AdPlexity Ecommerce: a User’s Guide (25% OFF with Exclusive Discount)

Winning Product Research Tool, Shopify, Ecommerce, Dropshipping

    1. What is AdPlexity? If you’re involved in the affiliate marketing industry, you may already know about AdPlexity – a suite of leading intelligence tools for monitoring ad campaigns running on Mobile, Native, Push and Desktop traffic. But did you know that AdPlexity provides the best-in-class tool for researching the hottest-selling eCommerce products? If not, this guide is...